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Sunday, June 5, 2016

What Your Bedroom Says About You

We all make the space we spend our time in reflections of ourselves. Sometimes, we do this without even knowing. Or so I learned when I looked up what the state of our bedroom says about who we are. They've got a wide variety of articles about the subject. Some go very in depth, while others are pretty standard. I've compiled a few different articles in this one I'm sharing with you. One of the most interesting articles that I read, I chose to leave out. It was about what our bedrooms state says about our relationship. This would be a good read for anyone who shares a room with someone else. You'd be shocked at what areas your relationship might need improvement on just based on the state of your room. So look that up if you're interested. I may mention it later on, too. For now, let's talk about what your bedroom currently says about you.

Excessive Color = Night Owl

If your bedroom is done is bright colors, you're likely a night owl. Someone who can get by on very little amounts of sleep. This is suggested because a lot of color can actually keep our brains awake at night. It's a stimulant. So, if you've been having trouble getting a proper nights sleep and you're surrounded by color, try dimming it down. Splashes and accents of color can bring life to your bedroom, but avoid over doing the amount you have around you.

Decorative Headboard = Luxurious

If you've got the type of headboard you see in hotel rooms, you might be the type of person who likes luxury. This is suggested because these types of headboards are often see as stylish and luxurious in the eyes of others. You may aim to impress anyone who gets the tour of your room. These headboards, usually with decals or ruffles or leather inserts, can really change the vibe in your room.

Exotic Patterns = Traveler

If your bedroom has a lot of exotic patterns, like quilts or throw pillows from third worlds, you're a person who enjoys travelling. In fact, many of the styles, patterns, and colors that can be seen around your room were likely collected through your travels. Or if you've never had the chance to travel, but want to, you've likely surrounded yourself with things that remind you of the areas you wish to see.

White & Clean = Classic

If you're bedroom is designed in mostly white colors, and kept in great condition clear of any cluster, you're a person who likes classic style. White will always reflect a timeless classic when it comes to interior design. White is also a great color for serenity and getting a great sleep. The best part about a white bedroom is that should you want to add a dash of color at any time, you can. Any color of throw pillows or quilts and blankets will work nicely with a white bedroom.

Simple & Neutral = Adaptable

If your bedroom is neutral and rather basic, you're likely to be an easily adaptable person. Your style can choose to evolve, or remain the same as everything in your room is neutral and compatible with other styles. Whether it's your wallpaper or your accents. You've likely chosen neutral colors as well, such as beige or brown. A dash of brighter color will add a nice enhancement to your room.

Coordination = Stagnant

Yes, if your bedroom is perfectly coordinating, meaning everything matches perfectly, you're likely stagnant. You don't want to brave change, so you've chosen perfectly matching bedding and wallpaper. But, a little change may be a good thing. Try switching it up a little and see what effects this has on your behavioral patterns. Sometimes it's a good idea to break our patterns and make changes.

Floral = Feminine

If you're got a four post bed and all your bedding has flowers on it, you're likely a very feminine person. You're also a hopeless romantic, and you want your sleep space to feel comfortable and relaxing. You likely have basic, but beautiful artwork on the walls. This isn't specifically referring to the pink and white concept I assume you're envisioning (because it's what I see too). It can refer to a darker theme as well. But the floral pattern could be hidden in your black bed set all the same.

Antique = Personal

If you've got a lot of antique furniture, like your grandmothers favorite rocking chair or her lamp on your bedside table, you're a very personal person. You want your bedroom to reflect your personality, as well as your personal history. Everything in your room is likely to tell a story about something or someone from your past. You're basically a collector of things that mean something to you.past. You're basically a collector of things that mean something to you.

So, what's the state of your bedroom?