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Top 5 Favorite Younique Products

(Please note: This is *not* a sponsored post. I was friends with Samantha when I wrote this and was simply trying to promote her entrepreneurial endeavor. I have never used Younique products, however, I do support the message of the company, which is quality cosmetics that give back to the people.)

A list by Younique lovers

Younique Lovers Share Their Favorite Products

Today, we're sharing Top 5's from Younique lovers! Our presenter is Samantha, who is an absolutely amazing girl. If you don't know what Younique is, [check out our post about them here - link to post].

Hailey's Top 5:

1. Touch Glorious Primer: Primer is a game changer! It will protect your skin from make-up entering your pores, it creates a smooth base for your products, and it makes them last longer!

2. Touch Liquid Foundation: this is an amazing, full coverage foundation that goes on liquid and dries to a powder. It is more appropriate for someone with normal to oily skin but we have several more options if you have normal to dry skin, just ask!

3. Beachfront Bronzer: this gorgeous half matte/ half shimmer bronzer adds a healthy glow to your skin and makes contouring sooooo easy!

4. The Lash Trio: this is a brand new exclusive bundle that contains the ESTEEM Lash growth serum, the Epic one-step mascara, and the famous 3D fibre Lash mascara. When used all together the results are insane ??

5. Stiff Upper-Lip lip stain: this lip stain comes in a large variety of colours and boasts 6-12 hours of wear. Kiss-proof, baby-proof, and no need to reapply!

Marley's Top 5: 

1. Splash Liquid Lipstick... I loooove how creamy and long lasting these lipsticks are! One application gives me 6+ hours of beautiful matte lips and the colours are outstanding!

2. Younique Precision Brow Liner - I love how easy it is to fill in your brows using this pencil! I have tried so many different liners and this is by far my favorite! Medium is the perfect shade for my hair colour. I love that it has a screw end that moves up and down and that it is such a fine pencil to help get in those thin ends! It is creamy and applies beautifully!

3. Younique Splurge Cream Shadows - I love the density of these fluffy cream shadows! They have insanely beautiful coverage and the most amazing shades! They go on creamy which makes blending very easy and dry to a powder finish! My personal faves are tenacious, unapologetic and Happy!

4. BB cream - Younique has an amazing lightweight BB cream with beautiful coverage! I love the barely-there feel and get so many compliments on looking glowy and dewy! It is also very hydrating for my skin which is definitely an added bonus!

5. Lash products - I grouped them together because I can't pick just one! The esteem serum has grown and thickened my lashes so much in such a short period of time. As a cancer survivor this is very important to me! While I didn't lose all of my lashes they definitely were not the same after treatment and the serum has begun to repair the "damage" to make them healthier and fuller than ever. The epic mascara is great I the days when I'm in a rush and don't have time to apply the fibres. It still give such great length and not only does it stay on so well during the day but it easy to remove at the end of the day with my Younique cleansing wipes! The 3D Fiber lash mascara is my favourite part! One coat of this mascara leaves me with huge all day lashes that people are constantly complimenting!

Samantha's Top 5:

1. Touch Glorious Face Primer: it gives your face a nice, smooth start. Keeps my make up in place and doesn't dry out my skin or makes it look oily! Which is amazing for any skin type.

2. Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation: I have never loved a foundation so much in my life!! Im so picky with what goes on my face and how it covers! This does not leave your face crackey and gross and looks so natural.

3. Stiff Upper-lip Lip Stain: I cannot get enough of lip stains and this one by far is my favourite brand! They have a nice matte finish with a nice long lasting colour of 6+ hours!!

4. Lash Trio: The newest collection to come out it includes the Lash serum (which helps grow and strengthen your lashes), the one step mascara for every day use and the famous 3D fiber Lash! Put them all together and it's amazing!!!

5. Lip pencils: I recently have fallen in love with lip pencils because you can not only use them for lining your lips but as an all over lipstick as well! I love Youniques lip pencils because they are all natural and chemical free going on my lips! Their various colours are just to die for with so many different options for all the seasons.

For August's Customer Kudo, Younique has launched the Foundation Bundle. This promotion will run from August 4th-August 31st 2017, or while supplies last! This bundles includes the popular Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick (Color:Secure). If you're interested, don't hesitate to grab yours today!


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