Printable Weekly Planner

by - 3/14/2018 06:57:00 PM

I said stay tuned, and I meant it!

Today, I'm sharing this weekly planner I put together. This one is complete with trackers for the stuff that really matters. You know, water, smoking, coffee, spending, the usual. I've got two separate sections for weekly goals. You obviously don't have to fill them both out! That might seem a little overwhelming to look at it. Instead, think of little steps, like sweeping the bedroom instead of sweeping the whole house. Breaking your goals down like that will help you to see how much you actually accomplish in a week.

Trust me, I thought I sat on my butt doing nothing. After a single week of tracking, I realized I complete approximately 100 tasks each week. That sounds insane, but I counted the numbers for myself. I'm not so hard on myself now when I have a "lazy" day.

The little square of squares can be whatever you'd like. You can draw inside or write inspirational quotes. You can even use this section as a personal brain dump or even add general reminders. It's important that you truly customize your own planning experience to get the most out of it.

Oh, I did add an appointments section as well. If you need more space, use the weekly goals area.

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