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Good Advice For Stress Management

One of the biggest issues each of us face daily is stress. Whether it's from work and coworkers, or school, or friends and family. It seems as though it's one of the hardest things to escape. It's also one of the most damaging on our mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. There is no way to completely remove stress factors from your life, but you can learn to effectively manage how to handle them.

If you've ever talked to anyone about how stressed you were feeling, you probably heard the suggestion to "take a deep breath". This is a common suggestion. It's also a very common practice. While it might not seem to work right away, repeated breathing exercises are often effective. All you have to do is inhale deeply, and hold that breath for a minute. Think about all of the things are stressing you out, and exhale deeply. Imagine that those stresses are exiting your body with that breath. Do this a few more times until you feel more relaxed. It's not the solution, but it's a start. Good breathing practice can help relax your mind. The practice of yoga and meditation can work as well. They are both great ways to calm your inner self as well. However, I know there are people who can't concentrate long enough to do either. I am one of those people. I can never relax and free my mind long enough to meditate. I also find yoga to be uncomfortable. That opinion isn't for everyone. Many people find that they get the hang of it with practice. But for those of us who can't get into meditation, there are similar actions that we can take.

I find visualizing to be a very effective method of stress reduction. Visualizing is the process of picturing something in your mind. This image is usually something that feels you with a feeling of peace and relaxation. You can also practice these visualizations anywhere. These images in your mind can sometimes be referred to as finding your "happy place". That's a common phrase in therapy. It's effective. It's been tried and proven by many different professionals. It's more of a practice in mental health, but it's been known to work for pain management as well. Any visualization can be a helpful tool to reduce your stress, and calm your mind.

It's important to calm your mind so that you can address the things that are stressful to you. You need to be clear of thought in order to make rational and calm decisions. Being stressed out can cause you to make bad choices, or say the wrong thing. When you're calm and collected before addressing something stressful, it's beneficial for everyone involved. Now, one of the important things about reducing your stress is analyzing where it's coming from. It isn't always as simple as a person or a situation. Sometimes it's a much larger issue or even a combination of them. One of the main causes of stress is internalizing your concerns and opinions. For example; It's hard to tell a coworker to stop telling the story she's been telling for an hour. But if her story is getting on your nerves, you should speak up. By keeping your thoughts to yourself, you're denying yourself the right to peace. There are productive and encouraging ways to tell people what they're doing to contribute to your stress. All you have to do is approach every stressful situation with an open and clear mind.

There's a chance visualizing and analyzing aren't working for you. If you're one of those people, you should try writing. Writing is a great way to reduce your stress because it gives you the chance to let all of those stresses out of your mind. I don't mean poetry or prose or anything. I mean writing about the same situations that have been a stress factor in your life. In the example I mentioned above: If you can't tell your coworker to stop talking, you can write it down. In fact, that's a great method to confrontation as well. If you want to address something stressful it's a good idea to plan ahead. You can do this by writing out exactly what you want to say. Then, you can address each subject in a calm and collected manner. When you're writing you can also just rant. A piece of paper is a safe place to let the thoughts out of your head.

No matter which method you choose, it's important that you choose one. Stress has a very negative effect on both your mental and physical health. So stay calm, and stay healthy.


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