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Soaking Up The Sun

Most of my day was spent outside, so naturally, I'm completely out of energy. That said, I've been pleased to see how many entries I've maintained and how few missing days there are. I don't want to make a habit out of skipping posts. While outside, I took some pictures and drew some pictures.  I'm not going to share all of them because I take a lot these days. This new camera is amazing.. You'll be able to tell that by the grasshopper picture below:

I also got peed on by a squirrel. That was fun!

Oh and before outside thing, soaking up the sun and feeling at one with nature, I was out running errands. My mother needed mice to feed her snake. I got to play with an adorable little kitten and take pictures of a bunch of weird animals. See?

I find it funny that my mother is bothered by the chameleon tank. She doesn't like the way they move. Yet she owns a snake. She doesn't like mice or rats or anything similar, but she's comfortable handling the dead ones she feeds the snake. She's an interesting human being. I mean, all human being are rather interesting. Did you know that before she was ever famous, Kim Kardashian was like a slave to Paris Hilton? I didn't know that. I knew that once upon a time, Kim fangirled over Pete Wentz in the Thnks Fr Th Mmrs music video. That was when she was starting to get famous though. That was also a little awkward. I think everything about Pete at that time was awkward though. I'm biased. No news there.

I made 4 greeting cards yesterday. I still need to take pictures of them to post. Right now, I'm tucking them away. Again, I don't want to over do the store posts. I need a balance, right? Right now, I'm trying to find that balance between art, life, and writing. I'm not a very good juggler these days though. I actually find it increasingly difficult to concentrate and make decisions. On a random note, I'm going to try and start a dream journal. I'm thinking it could be the answer to the lack of writing. Many of my dreams have interesting characters and concepts. I can spin that, I think.


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