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Wax Melts

I have always loved wax melts. I follow this woman on Instagram who makes them and sells them. Her name is Bubba's Meltys and her designs are simply brilliant. She makes unique shapes with bright or dark colors and adds glitter! If you know me, you know how much I ADORE GLITTER.

Well, the other day I was browsing the Dollar Tree when I stumbled upon their wax melt collection. I was in the candle section looking for a candle for my shrine, but, guess what I got instead? Yup, a pile of wax melts, a burner and a few oils. I was happy to get home and watch my little cubes melting.

Then I was struck by an idea. I don't want to copy Bubba's Meltys, but, wouldn't it be cool if I made my own wax melts? Of course, this is me we're talking about and I typically come up with a million ideas a day. I don't often follow through on any of them right? Well, I'd like to show you the first set of wax melts that I made...

I priced all the necessary equipment today and I will be heading out for the supplies next week.

You are welcome to comment, adding your opinion, but this is my idea right now:

Wax melts will be made-to-order. You will be able to choose the:

Glitter, yes or no

I will make the melt and send you a picture. If you are satisfied with the digital proof, I'll send an invoice and you can make your payment. Then I will ship out the melt(s) in an unbranded bag/box.

I will be renovating the website a little bit to put a focus on this creative endeavor. I feel like it is suddenly my calling. Wax melts are a great way to enhance the aura of a room. They are fun to watch melt. They are fun to make, too! Plus, they smell sooooo good! I just can't get enough of them and I think that's a general consensus type of thing. These prototypes I'm sharing above are just the beginning. They are going to (1) remain mine or (2) be brought into local stores as samples. I haven't really decided yet. I've done my research as to everything I need. Now I need to know where I can market these adorable wax melts.

I will continue to buy and support fellow wax makers. After all, I don't really want to make my own for me. I want to enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor. There are so many amazing wax melt designers out there. I just want to try them all! And, if I can manage to actually kick this business off, I will have the money to actually try them all! How exciting!

If you're following the Facebook page, I am willing to start taking requests right now. As I don't have any of the supplies, I can't guarantee a time line. By mid-August, I am hoping to have almost everything together. I will be able to make and ship the orders before the end of August. That's the time line I'm looking at.

Again, please comment your thoughts below! I would LOVE to hear what you have to say! And remember, you do not have to be logged in or sign up to leave a comment. You may even leave anonymous comments!


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