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I Visited Yyyyyyy.info

My mother and I have been watching weird YouTube videos all day. We were pretty much just popping through Slapped Jam videos. FYI, I would highly recommend watching some of the videos for yourself. There ads dozens of topics covered. We, of course, favored the supernatural stuff. At some point, the weirdest and craziest and creepiest websites were bound to show up, right? Well, sometimes I resist (superstitious of possible curses via imagery, Videos, etc). This time, I decided that I'd brave yyyyyyy.info. If you're going to try visiting it for yourself, be prepared for many flashing images, videos and even creepy audio files that will open randomly. If you're still going, watch the video first. The footage is what most people want to talk about.

I'm not sure if it's real or staged. I don't know if it's live or prerecorded. I do know that this website has been running for years. I also know that the room the video is in has changed (going off the images other people have posted). But other than that, not much is known to me. There are links to forum posts somewhere in the mosh pit of early internet inspired chaos. I hope you enjoy.

A note about the video: I do have my own commentary. You can mute if you'd rather not hear my voice. 


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