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Another Thing Coming

(FYI: I hope you got the Judas Priest song stuck in your head, because crafting this title got the song stuck in mine!)

I've shared a few printables on this blog like the weekly coloring planner and the black calendar sheet. I also shared my personal week planner that I used throughout my behavior training course. I've never really sat down and designed a branded set of printables, planner or otherwise. Until now...

Ali's Freebie Frenzy, Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

I want to get you pumped, because I'm pumped!

I've been reading a lot about how to grow my website. Yes, I know that having consistent content is step one. But my depression limits my ability to get out of bed most days, so, we're going to have to work together here. I'll do what I can and you'll be the loving and supportive fan base that you've always been. In return, however infrequent, you'll get new content. Like the content I'm planning for you right now!

I'm in the process of putting together what the professionals call a lead in. Aka: freebies. Not just one or two, either. In total, there are 15 (or more if I get in a groove) in development. All the printables will be divided into 3 main categories. Let me break it down for you.

1. Mental health printables: depression scale, Mood tracker, etc
2. Planner printables: week, day, month, etc
3. Blog printables: Part tablet, brainstorming sheet, checklist, etc

I've decided these are the 3 primary categories I am going to focus on moving forward. I feel advocating for Journaling can be mixed into each of these categories. Journaling helps relieve the stress of having a mental illness, helps keep track of emotions, and helps to understand the illness more. BuJo's prove the popularity of the journaling/planner combination. And yes, I'll be sure to make printable planner sheets in full page (as I would use) and half page for the standard planner. Finally, blogging, especially like I do, is largely about journaling. I don't have courses or services to try and promote. I only have my writing.
Writing is just journaling in another world.
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I can't make any promises about how long it's going to take me, but I've got my own goals set. I know you can't wait for the downloads. So I'll try and get them to you quickly!

Printable Day Planner in blue and pink with polka dots
No, this isn't one of the Freebies I'm talking about. I threw this one together quickly using Canva, just to give you a little something to tide you over. You deserve it!
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