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Tell Me What You Want

(Now, I hope you have the Spice Girls in you head. Hee hee.) 

I know I JUST said I'd be making my own set of branded printables, but I was wrong.

I feel like the market is over saturated. Google "free printables" - The first 15 results are great. Too great. I spent all day looking through the printable sections of these websites. Colorful planners and calendars, budgeting sheets and to do m. If you can think of it, you can find it, right? In every color, even.

I love so many of the printables from these designers. They are gorgeous and Functional. They fit everyone's needs and make organizing life SO MUCH easier. But there are too many. Too many great printables. I'm guilty of saving too many to my computer, so many that I actually mess too go through them all again. And I've only seen a fraction of what's out there. There are even more designers I've yet to come across!

The fact is, I'm not a designer. Canva makes my life so much easier when it comes to making post images, but I don't want to rely on presets for creating something that is supposed to be uniquely me (eg: printables). I want to craft the kind of printables you don't see and can't find. I want to offer something that no one else does.

But what? How?

I can't think of a printable I've needed that I couldn't find online, already made. I can't think of planner stickers that don't exist. Everything I think "I should make this" about is already out there. Now I'm not saying other people shouldn't keep creating these printables, especially if it's something they are passionate about. But I'm not passionate about it and I don't need to contribute to an over saturated market.

So what am I going to do?

I'm going to keep brainstorming. I need to be able to give you guys something other than my writing. Something that you can use in your every day life. It's the least I can do, really. But I just don't know what you need or what I can do for you.

I'm open to suggestions, by the way. So, don't be afraid to comment below.

In case you don't know, Google+ is going down, so the comment section will soon disappear, being replaced by the good old fashioned anonymous box that I've always loved. No sarcasm. I really do love the traditional HTML box. I'm still a coding girl at heart. That's why I use Blogger and not WordPress. I need to be able to open that source code to make changes. Without it, I don't know how to maintain a website. Plus, Blogger has remained the same since my first website in 2004. I enjoy how easy it is to use and how I always know what to expect. Yet, they update enough to stay relevant and produce mobile-friendly responsive designs.

The moral is: I need to know what YOU need in order to meet those needs.

In the meantime, I'll keep adding great designers to the reference page and on my Pinterest boards.


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