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Decluttering = Madness

Over the last year, give or take, I've been on a Decluttering binge. Tossing away clothing I never wear and keepsakes I've been lugging around. I've done this many times before, too. I always regret doing this, more often than not. This time around, I tried to mindful of tossing away my belongings. I put aside clothing I never wore and even things I had worn but no longer fit properly. I made sure I had a good reason for everything I was getting rid of.

Most of these items have yet to actually leave the house. They are in piles to be sold and bags to be donated to the community second hand store. These belongings have been out of sight and of mind,regardless of their legal proximity. They sit in the basement and I dread the basement. (Don't ask me why - the only thing I can think of is that the first night I slept in this house, it was in the basement and the move into this house was such a fucking nightmare that I may just associate that with the basement. Who knows.) Earlier today, I went looking for something specific and saw everything I was getting rid of. There is a pile of dresses that cost me a small fortune, waiting for a new home. For most of them, I tossed them because they were uncomfortable or too dressy for my personal sense of style. But looking at them, thinking of the money I spent on it all, I'm tempted to just hang it app back in my closet.

While Decluttering sounds like a good idea on theory, it can be a nightmare. Especially when you're not convinced you're getting rid of things for the right reasons. As you can tell, I'm not. I'm still on the fence about why I'm getting rid of everything and whether or not I'm going to regret the actions I've taken.

A year ago, I tossed out my keepsakes and my stuffed animals. Among those keepsakes were at least $200 worth of Lipsmackers. I regret that. Not only did they remind me of the better parts of my childhood, they had function. There was, in all logic, no REASON to toss them away. There were several reasons to keep them. So why did I get rid of them? I was emotional. Angry. I wasn't thinking clearly.

This time, I was sure I had been rational regarding my decisions. But I'm not so sure now. Those dresses, costumes, heels,  band shirts and everything else in the pile to go sit there taunting me. Even now that I'm back in my usual level of the house, I can hear the bags in the basement rustling with my indecision. It's honestly maddening.

If you're going to be spring cleaning or following the Marie Kondo cleanse of possessions, I recommend really taking your time. There's nothing worse than sitting with regret over the loss of things you'll never get back. Yes, most clothing can be replaced. But stuffed animals from childhood? Those can never be replaced, no matter how hard you try. Do not throw away your treasured belongings. Instead of getting rid of the things you've invested in, invest in better storage. You don't have to clear your surroundings to be able to clear your mind. You only have learn the magic of organization.

For anyone who doesn't know, my trick is to live everything up against a single wall, then place a sheet, hanging from the ceiling, in front of the wall - everything stored against the wall becomes hidden and the room looks clean and clear. This method works to invoke the calming feeling of an empty room. The clutter will still be out of sight and of of mind, without feeling weighed down by regret.

Trust me, I've done this many times. I know what I'm talking about.


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