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Crystal Ball (Horror Short)

She looked at the crystal ball in front of her, watching the woman on the other side waving her hands over the orb. Every thought in her head was riddled with disbelief. She had no idea why Angela wanted her to do this. More so, why she didn't come along to the session. It wouldn't have been her first time seeing the psychic. When asked, Angela said that she didn't want her vibrations to interfere with the session. Oh well. The woman started humming as her hands began swirling more rapidly. A look came over her face, showing in her wrinkled skin. It was a mix of concern and sympathy. She slowly brought her hands away from the ball.
"Look inside." She instructed. Strange, but it was probably just a part of the gimmick. It was likely that Angela had already told the psychic everything about her. That way, it would seem like she was getting an accurate reading. She peered into the orb anyway, squinting at the swirling colors. Much to her surprise, they started taking form. Blues and greens started blending into a picturesque scene of a warm summer day. The sun shining brightly with only a few fluffy clouds overhead. Of course, her view quickly fell to the ground of the scene. She could see herself, walking through the green grass. Occasionally scooping down to pick a flower to add to her growing scrapbook collection. Admittedly, she was a bit of a hoarder, especially when it came to Stationary and art supplies. This was different though. Very different. Instead of placing the flowers into her purse, where she would normally put them for safe keeping, she handed them off to someone else. She waited for the second person to become clear. She waited for what felt like an eternity. Nothing. It was as though the second person was just out of focus, just enough that she couldn't make out any details. Suddenly, the picturesque scene became red. Not like a forest fire. It was a deep, dark red, ike blood. It poured from the sky, soaking through the clouds. It covered the once green grass, tainting ask the flowers with the crimson color. The scene was buried in the liquid, as though the crystal ball itself was now covered in blood. She moved back, looking across the table. The psychic was no longer there. She could feel a strange sensation in her chest, similar to burning. As she looked down, she saw the same crimson color. It was coming from her. Falling forward, she looked back at the crystal ball. The second figure was now in focus.

It was the psychic.


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