Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Upcoming Posts Are Scheduled

I've finally taken the time to go back through my writing and actually pick a few I'd like to share. This means that new posts are going to be coming up on the website (and on a regular basis). Of course, these are being scheduled, not written. I'm not back into the habit of writing new content quite yet. I want to get there, and I'm sure I will... In my own time.

I can't force myself to meet with the demons of my mind. Without those demons though, my creativity lacks. I don't have original ideas. I draw from the dark corners of my mind. I draw from my dreams and the subconscious messages that swirl around in my head. Without access to any of this, my words would fall flat. I'm not saying I CAN'T write without that emotion, I'm just saying it would be a terrible waste of time. What are words without feeling? What is a story without meaning? Nothing. Exactly. I can't add that special element that has existed in all my previous writing. But I'm working towards it, and that's the best I can do right now.

The upcoming posts are from previous archives. This includes random poetry, prose, and short stories that eventually lead up to new bigger works of fiction. Remember when I said everything was a line between fiction and reality? No, you don't. I said it years ago. I've taken this website down and started from scratch more than I care to recall.

That said, I believe I have finally chosen my direction. I will not be posting articles unless they are personal. Yes, my freelancing career relies on articles and samples and professionalism. I'm not too worried about keeping that career alive anymore. My writing, my books... That's a different story, and it comes from a different place. There is no professionalism. I am raw, unfiltered. I am real. I need to stop trying to be anything different.

All of that said, I'll be writing up a disclaimer in the next few days. This will be about monetization (basically, my lack thereof) and the image sources I use. If you're interested in that, do stay tuned. I'll probably have a link at the bottom of the site, so it will be present on every page. I'm not sure how the layout is going to change in the upcoming weeks, but I do know it has to. I thought I finally had one I was satisfied with, but it turns out that the mobile drop-down doesn't quite work. That's a major issue since I know that many people view this website on their mobile devices, myself included.

Again, I ask you to bear with me as I make the changes and reorganize. I ask you to be patient if you've already read the content that is being republished. I promise I will get some new stuff out on the internet soon. I just need to get back in touch with everything I hate about myself.

Oh, and all posts made from this point on will be signed with glitters (that's how you can tell the difference between a scheduled post and one that was just written). Like this;

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