Sunday, January 19, 2020


I feel like the charade
Is getting old sometimes.
That I'm only reciting
Memorized lines.
You're only watching because
You can't look away.
But it's not fascination,
It's more a dismay.
You want something
I've never shown before,
But I can't recite
What I've never learned.
You want to teach me
A new scene, you say.
But it's not your life,
It's not your play.
You can't write something new
And show me the dance.
If I learn it myself,
That's completely by chance.
If you tire of the performance,
You can always leave.
You are welcome
To do as you please.
So am I, so baby
I think I'll refrain.
From saying something stupid
Like "I love you" again.

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