Tuesday, January 14, 2020


The chaos of yesterday brings clarity to tomorrow.
These mistakes we've already made, time we've already borrowed.
The choices that were made through impulse,
Instead of using the reasoning within us.
Fading into memories,
Both bitter and sweet.
Guidance can be found inside
The choices that make up our lives.
What to do, what to avoid.
Linger inside all that's destroyed.
In what has risen from the ruins,
A map of all those right doings.
Indescript, to each their own.
These are the lights that will guide you home.
The brightness depends on you alone,
On which path you choose to go.
Down every road, around every corner,
You will find a new tomorrow.
Stay on the same path you've been taking
If you like the mistakes you've been making.
Or set adift to blissful days,
Of cheerful birds and a sun, ablaze.
Everything you want is yours.
As long as you're willing to move forward.

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