Monday, June 30, 2014


She sighed, leaning against the car. She folded one of her legs over the other and crossed her arms. They were stranded in the middle of no where. There hadn't been a road sign for miles. It was impossible to tell where they had been coming from, or where they were going. They had no GPS, and both cellphones were out of service, The towers are far apart when ones driving through the desert, after all. She looked over as the car shook behind her. He had the hood of the car hoisted up, and he was waving his hand through the smoke to try and see more clearly. There was no use. The car was pouring so much smoke into the atmosphere one might think there was a smoke stack nearby. If anyone had been near by. But, no one was. It was just the two of them. There was no sound from any direction, and nothing in sight. The sand beneath them was so hot one could imagine steam seering up from the ground. The pavement beside them was guilty of the same heat. He left the hood of the car open, and walked around to the side. As he did, he pulled his torn black muscle shirt off. He had sweat dripping down his body. It poured down his arms, running over his tattoos. The Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve he had for years looked new all over again. He smiled, throwing his shirt on the roof. She had long since tied her t-shirt up to the side, hoping to allow passage to any air that may blow by. The heat is unbearable in the middle of the desert, after all. But no heat could compare to the one between them. Lips locked, even in the sun glaring down on them. The only thing that mattered was being together. They never had direction in the first place, and had long thrown out any map. It was all about the journey, and neither cared about the destination.

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