Monday, February 8, 2016

The Heart Throb

    It had been months since she had seen Karma last, but while she was in New York visiting her family, they ran into each other. The two of them met up for coffee, and caught up. He wanted to introduce her to his friend, Eddie. She recognized him from a band she used to go see all the time when she was younger. He was now in a new musical project, or wanted to be. He had the concepts, the music, and the lyrics, but he was still looking for the band. Karma thought she could be of assistance since she spent so much time “on the scene”, as he put it. Basically, he had heard about the radio show she hosted, and he wanted her to push Eddie's new thing. Eddie had this crazy story about what inspired him musically. It had to do with a vision quest to “find himself” in the desert. She had to admit, he was one of a kind. She wasn't the only one who thought it either. The radio listeners ate him up like a freshly baked pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. He was adored. A “heart throb” as the ladies refereed to him. She felt it herself, even. But, she was drawn to him for the same reasons she always had been. She liked things for obscure reasons, and to her, it was his attitude.

    She introduced him to Andy and Devon, who were two local friends of hers. They were in an independent duo, and they had an electronic kind of sound. But, neither were happy with the direction they were heading towards. They were both looking for something, different. To her, Eddie was what they were looking for. She was right. It was a musical match made in heaven. Within weeks they had a whole concept of where they were going to go with the band. Eddie wanted an electric-pop sound, which Andy loved because it was his specialty. Along with the duo, Andy was a local DJ. He was well known in certain places, but not enough to get "recognized". Devon was more into playing piano and soft melodies. But there was something about the concepts, and the way Eddie pitched them. Devon was sold. It was clear the three of them bonded over past influences, and future hopes. She pushed for as much attention as she could get the blossoming group. Between the radio show, and being “on the scene” as Karma put it, she was sure they were going to get recognized.

    She was right. But, the attention Eddie's new project was getting also got the attention of someone else. As it turned out, her ex-boyfriend, Jason, had been a friend of Eddie's for a long time.

    Jason was actually the one who got Eddie picked up by a label in January. He started making excuses to come see his “friend in New York”. But it was obvious to everyone that Jason was never there to see Eddie. She was trying to be social, looking past their history. But, Jason never had any intention of doing the same. In fact, the more he was around, the more it seemed he wanted to be. He'd spend the days out with her and the band, talking about direction and the album. But at night, he'd send emails she could have read as bed time stories. They were always a mix of romantic and purely sexual. She hadn't made an attempt to answer them. She didn't know what to say, and hoped her silence spoke for her. But, the first time he got her alone, he wasted no time in making a move. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't resist such a handsome tragedy.

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