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10 Tips To Enjoying A Great Summer

It's not like any of us can avoid summer, whether we love or hate it. I know it goes equal ways. Many people enjoy summer because it means no school. The working class people still have to work and the heat can seem unbearable. It really depends on age, and what your summer plans are. Regardless of your opinion on the season, there are some tips that everyone can use to have an enjoyable season.

1. Use Sunscreen - The importance of sunscreen can't be properly emphasized. USE SUNSCREEN. Was that a better attempt? Anyways, it'll keep you from burning like a piece of meat on a grill. It will also protect your skin from triggers for skin cancer. It's a little bit like wearing a shield. No fighter leaves base without a shield.

2. Water Proof Make Up - If you're a guy, I'm sorry, we have no point to make here for you. But girls, wear water proof make up. You know the sun is going to make you sweat. Rather than ending up with raccoon eyes that make you like you've been crying all day, opt for a reliable product. Maybe companies have good waterproof products. They are also sweat proof. Also, don't over do the make up. Foundation is a good thing to avoid if you don't absolutely need it. Your skin is going to need to breathe in the heat.

3. Cool Clothes - This isn't referring to the trending kind of cool, but the temperature.  Wear clothes that are easily breathable. Nothing tight. Opt for loose fitting where possible, and breathable where it's not. Don't wear tight clothes and try and avoid thicker materials like jean. These will only cause your body to overheat. If you've ever had sun fatigue, you know you can end up in the hospital by not properly caring for yourself in the summer.

4. Go To The Beach - Even if you're not a fan of swimming, or, in some cases don't know how to swim, go. Sit by the water and let the summer air cover you in a cool crisp breeze the water gives off. I guess it doesn't have to be a beach. It can be any large body of water. But try and spend your summer near the water. It keeps your body feeling fresh and relaxed. Also, watching the water can be very relaxing.

5. Tan - It's been proving that tanning can actually raise your self esteem. But don't leave the suntan lotion behind. Some of these lotions are great shields from the sun as well. Also, be safe about tanning. Don't over do it. Avoid tanning beds because they are way worse for you than the sun is. Most importantly, tan in moderation. Don't spend six hours a day laying in the sun rays. You're doing more damage to your body than you're doing good.

6. Don't Be Lazy - While the heat may be tempting you to just lay in bed all day, that's not going to help you beat the heaviness of the weather. Go out and be active. Make plans to hang out with your friends. Go to movies. Go to shows. Go out for ice-cream instead of just eating it at home. There's no physical reason for this, but it's psychological. If you spend all your time inside your house you're going to feel the weight. If you're out and about and having a good time, the heat is less likely to affect you.

7. Relax - But don't spend so much time being active that you don't leave yourself time to relax. You still need to give your body a couple hours a day to do nothing. A great time for this would be in the evening, as it's nearing time to head to sleep. Especially after a long day of being active. This gives your body the chance to wind down, and also to gear up for another day. It's also good for you to relax your mind during this point in time. While you may be feeling it, distract yourself from the heat. Think of nice cold places, or whatever works to help you beat the weight of summer.

8. Eat Well! - I know that no one wants to stand in the kitchen and cook themselves a proper meal. It's hot enough without the stove on. That being said, it's still important that you're eating healthy. There are great summer foods. Off the top of my head I can think of fruits and melons which are rich in moisture as well as vitamins.

9. Stay Hydrated - Drink water, and lots of it. Even if you don't like the taste of it, or don't normally drink water. It's really crucial over the months of summer that your body gets as much moisture as possible. You can drink juice too. Many juices are great for the summer because they have vitamins and nutrients in them. Avoid coffee, energy drinks, and anything else with caffeine. Caffeine actually dehydrates you. Even if you think drinking a nice cold pop in the summer is good for you, it's not. Trade pop for juice. Your body will thank you.

10. Be Confident - You'll notice my summer ready list said nothing about getting in shape. I don't think it matters what your body looks like, regardless of the time of year. I think everyone is attractive in their own way, and no one should be forced to live by the standards a society has made for what is beautiful. So instead of getting body ready, my tip is to get attitude ready. Be confident. Don't hide your body under layers because you don't feel attractive. Show off your skin because it needs to be getting fresh air in this humid heat. Your health is more important than your self esteem. I'm sorry if that's blunt but it's true. If people snicker or make comments, ignore them.

Oh, and one of the most important tips I can give you for being summer ready is to have fun! Make the most of the beautiful whether. Even if you hate summer (and I'm personally on that list), try and find a way to make it enjoyable.

Do you have any suggestions that you think I should have made? Add them to the comment section below!


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