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One Day At A Time

My debut novel is titled "One Day At A Time". The story follows an unnamed/unidentified character as they journey through the rockstar life. You'll read about backstage antics and the stardust that blinds those who live in the light. You'll see the struggle of trying to survive in a fast-paced world. You'll see the struggle of trying to feel like you belong. You'll also see the relief of finding those who make the struggling feel worth-while.

Although incorporating many real-life experiences, this novel is totally a work of fiction.

To read a preview of the novel;
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You can purchase "One Day At A Time" by Ali Larsen on any of the sites listed below:


Alternatively, if you live in the GTA, you can contact me to work out an in-person purchase. 

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Ali Larsen is the author of One Day At A Time. She is also the co-founder of WJKG, the wellness company. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her family and her orange tabby. She enjoys people watching, pizza, coffee, and whiskey. Not in that order.



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