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10 Signs You're Too Stressed

With our ever-busy lifestyles, it can be hard to take a few minutes to listen to what our bodies are saying. Your head is telling you to take a break, but you're so close to finishing that project that you're going to remain adamant about it. You're trying to go to sleep, but you just can't seem to get comfortable and you shrug it off as a problem with your bed. Although we like to blame external influences, it often leads back to the internalized issue of too much stress. Stress can build up and before you even realize, become a major problem.

1. Lack Of Concentration

No matter what you do, you can't seem to focus on anything. You're staring off into space, or idle on your phone when you should be working. You can't remember what you were just doing, so you're starting to get frustrated. The inability to concentrate is good sign that you're stressed. In order to regain your focus, you need to take a step back from whatever is stressing you out. Take a breather. Then try again.

2. Feeling Under The Weather

When our bodies are under high stress levels, our immune systems lower. This is a response to the chemical release whenever we are stressed. When your head is sick, your body will follow. If you've got a cold or a flu and can't seem to get rid of them, it may be stress to blame, not a virus. People who are stressed are more likely to stay sick, even with the help of antibiotics. You might want to forget the pills and try good old fashioned rest and relaxation.

3. Headaches

Although headaches are often a warning sign of a million different things, it can often be as simple as: You're overthinking. Instead of trying to figure out why you have a headache and popping pills that don't seem to work, try laying down. Give your brain a rest. Breath deeply. Meditate. Go for a short walk and take in the oxygen. You might find that headaches goes away.

4. Body Aches & Pains

Unfortunately, many of us are cursed with constant body aches and pains. It can be hard to tell what is causing them, similar to a headache. When we are stressing out about something, our bodies tense up. This can cause stiff bones and sore muscles. Your best option is resting, but if you're in too much pain, that simply won't work. Instead, try soaking in a warm bath. The warm water will soothe your aching body, while the bath might help to relax you. Especially with some music.

5. Lack Of Sleep/Can't Get Comfortable

Tossing and turning at night isn't always because of insomnia, or because your bed is uncomfortable. Stress is often the monster under the bed, keeping you awake. No matter which way you try and lay down, you can't get comfortable. No matter how long you lie in bed, you can't fall asleep.  The best way to beat lack of sleep caused by stress is actually writing. Keep a journal beside the bed and write when you can't sleep. It will help you release some of those stressful thoughts and help you get a better night of rest.

6. Weird Dreams

People who are experiencing stress are more often to have disturbing dreams. These won't always be nightmares. It could just be a banana floating in the air with the vague facial features of that kid from 7th grade. Weird dreams are your brains way of saying you need to chill out. The solution isn't a sleeping pill before bed, though. It's freeing your mind before trying to fall asleep. Try meditating right before your head hits the pillow. It might help you fall asleep quicker as well.

7. Emotional Imbalances

If you've been unusually moody, but ruled out the usual suspects, stress is likely the bad guy. Because excessive stress releases chemicals in your body, it can cause the hormones in your body to start behaving different. This can lead to increased irritability, mood swings and even extreme sadness in some cases. Whenever you feel yourself starting to have an episode, try taking a deep breath. Picture your happy place. Remind yourself that you're just stressed. Hopefully, you will be able to calm down and prevent a disaster.

8. Frequent Dizzy Spells

You probably know how this works. You're over-thinking and stressing about something and your head starts pounding, followed by this awful dizzy spell. You fall towards the wall, or have to sit down really quickly. It happens to everyone. But it's not a sign of something "seriously wrong with you". It's just a sign that your brain is in pain. You're thinking too much. Too hard. Something. You need to give your poor brain a break, so it can catch up with you. Try doing something that makes you feel relaxed. Rest when you feel dizzy. Don't rush your resting period, either.

9. Mouth Problems

Did you know that bleeding gums can be a sign of stress? Interesting, right? While it's more commonly a sign of gingivitis, bleeding gums can indicate increased stress levels. This is because you're likely grinding your teeth, without even noticing. Likely in the night, when you're trying to rest. When you're stressed, you're also more susceptible to picking up bacteria and viruses, so it's easy to get gingivitis when you're stressed. Among other things.

10. No More Sex

Relationship counseling will tell you one thing about your "lack of a sex life": It's stress. When you're stressed about the relationship, that's a double-edged sword. When you're stressed about life, it hardly seems fair. You are your partner (or yourself, if you're single!) might drift apart if you're not spending quality time together. Try to leave the stress outside the bedroom. Light scented candles and listen to soothing Jazz music. Relax and give into the moments. You'll see an instant improvement.

Whenever you notice you're experiencing the signs of stress: Pause. Stop everything. You need to take a breather. If you can take a break from whatever you're doing, do it. Enjoy an activity that relaxes your mind and makes you feel free. Then try tackling the stressful stuff.

Remember: The health of your body is dependent on the health of your mind.


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