5 Signs That Mean He's Hiding Something From You

No one wants to be suspicious of someone we love, but it happens. They start acting strange or distant and suddenly our minds are racing with the possibilities. What does it mean? But sometimes, it's not as obvious as a lack of communication or pulling away. Sometimes the signs are more subtle and noticing them could be the difference between saving or destroying your relationship.

1. He's Turning Things On You

Whenever you talk about something he doesn't like, he seems to turn it on you. If you mention a fear of him seeing another woman (maybe mentioning his secretary or that new female boss) and he asks who the men in your life are - that's a big sign of concern. The guilty are more prone to try and accuse other people of their wrong-doings. That being said, if you're concerned about him cheating, you might want to evaluate why that is. There might be a trust issue at play in the relationship, which is a breaking bridge that needs to be fixed.

2. He's Always Out

Every time you want to talk or hang out, he seems to be missing in action. Whether you're living together or not, you'll notice if they are always gone. There could be an innocent reason for this, like a distaste of roommates or wanting away from neighbors. Never jump to conclusions. The concerning part is their reaction when you ask what's up. If they immediately jump into defensive mode, something else might be going on.

3. He's Not Himself

This can go two ways: He becomes distant and cold or, he starts treating you like a queen. Any sudden change in behavior is one that should be noted. Sure, he could have had an epiphany and realized how much you mean to him. Or he could be feeling like the relationship isn't working. Either way, you might want to sit down and have a little chat. But keep this in mind: Is is him who has changed, or you? Sometimes, we think our significant other is changing but it's really our own perception because we're the ones going through a metamorphosis.

4. He Talks Too Much

There's nothing wrong with being chatty, but if it's in response to any question something might be up. Liars often ramble in an attempt to create a believable story about where they were or who they were with. Granted, rambling might also be a sign of nerves. This could be due to lying or simply being put on the spot. Many people who take lie detector tests are found guilty of lying simply because their body reacts to being put on the spot. You have to use your better judgment to decide.

5. He Doesn't Talk

It doesn't matter what your relationship is like - if he's not communicating with you, it's garbage. You have to have open communication in any relationship. There are many factors that cause functional couples to drift apart and stop communicating properly. Stress, work, family, anything. But, it's important that you get that communication back on track. If he's suddenly stopped talking, it's a sign something is wrong. He may not know how to express what he's thinking and feeling. You'll have to ease it out of him and decide the future of the relationship.

(He considers this an abusive relationship - If you ever feel like this cat looks right now, you need help. Reach out to someone, please...)
If you notice any of these signs, it's important to call your partner out. Don't be afraid of the outcome. If the relationship falls apart, that is just what was meant to happen. That means it wasn't strong enough to stand on its own anymore. It needed to be retired. You needed to move on. If you manage to talk about what's wrong, you've saved the relationship and figured out the problem. Ultimately, that's the goal: save your relationship by determining what's going on.

Also, please note that these behavioral traits can be exhibited by either sex. This isn't really exclusive to men in particular. I chose to word it this way, but I know many men have found themselves in this position as well.
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