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Apps That Will Save You Money

In this economy, saving money is one of the most important considerations. When you're grocery shopping, you're likely looking for the least expensive solution to your meals. When you're buying clothes, you're likely shopping deals and discounts. The more money you can save in a month, the better off you are. Sometimes smart budgeting just isn't enough. There's always bound to be an unexpected expense that you need to take care of.

That's why it helps to save money whenever you can. These applications can be your new best friend

Mint is the ultimate app for tracking your finances. This app is free for both Android and iOS systems and it's password protected for additional security. This app links with your accounts (bank, savings, etc) in order to track and record all of your spending habits. While that might sound scary at first, the benefit is that the app can help you to build a budget. By understanding your spending habits, you will be able to control any excess spending. It's not an instant solution for saving money, but it certainly helps on a longer time line.

SnipSnap is a quick and easy way to find coupons to the stores near you. The app is free, on both iOS and Android phones. Although it does require the location and a WiFi/data connection in order to work. This is the ideal solution for people who don't want to spend a lot of time looking for the best deals. It's more suited to the casual coupon clipper. The coupons can be scanned in most places. If they can't, cashiers can input the code manually. You might bother the people behind you in line, but you'll save money and that's what matters.

CardStar lets you scan in your loyalty cards for different stores. This app is also free, for both operating systems. Again, it requires a data/WiFi connection to be present. With this app, you'll scan one/all of your loyalty cards in. Then, you can simply open the app at the cash and the cashier can scan the card from your phone. This will save you having to carry around all those annoying plastic cards. It will save you having to look through your wallet to find the one you need. It will also help you to know when certain stores have sales/redeemable points.

Checkout51 offers cash-back on items you've already purchased. This app is free. Since it doesn't require immediate action, you can open it from your home WiFi to save on data or roaming costs. How it works is that you take a picture of a receipt. If there are any eligible items on your receipt, you'll be given a cash rebate. This rebate goes into your Checkout51 account, which you can withdraw from once you've reached $20. There are many rebates only available for a certain amount of purchases, or a limited time - so make sure you're scanning right away! This is a great app to have on your phone!

Ibotta allows you to earn money for completing tasks, which may even include spending! There are many companies partnered with Ibotta in order to provide cash rebates and amazing deals. You simply choose the tasks you're interested in and go. The app is free for both Android and iOS systems. You should note that funds will often be frozen until you've provided proof of the completed tasks. Make sure to carefully read each of the offers to know you completely understand what you're supposed to do.

Viggle is another app that you can use to earn cash back. This app is available on both systems. It works by letting you watch television shows and videos. While you're watching, you're awarded points. You can also earn points by playing games, similar to many other apps. Once you've reached enough points, you can earn gift cards to many great retailers. It's not much, but it's getting money for doing something you love, right

GasBuddy is a must-have for any driver. If you own/lease a car, you need to have this installed on your phone. The app is free and runs on both systems. You need to have a WiFi/data connection in order to access the latest prices. Using the location feature, the app will tell you all the nearest gas stations to your location. What's even better The app will tell you where it's the cheapest to get gas. This can save you a lot of money if you're frequently in your car. Always check when the gas prices were last updated since GasBuddy runs on user-submitted information. If the prices haven't been updated in a while, you can always update them for other users by snapping a picture with your phone and uploading the information.

Lastly, if you're boggled by your data usage, download Onavo Extend. It helps you to get the most of your data by decreasing the amount that certain apps are using and tracking your data usage. Many users say they see a massive increase on how much data they have after downloading this app. Up to 80% in fact. That's a great save if you're always using the data on your phone!


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