Sunday, September 24, 2017

City Nights

Although I miss the winter city nights,
I miss the city in the terms of your hand in mine.
I try to deny the way I feel.
I'm always fooling myself into thinking this isn't real.
But the more I struggle and try to fight this,
The more I realize it's a swing and a miss.
I can't distance myself to keep you from my sight.
Not when you're still everywhere in my life.
I always feel like you're just around the corner.
Waiting outside my window, like when we were younger.
I can't step into this city without seeing your ghost.
In memories everywhere that we've been the years before.
It's become a new city with many new faces,
But no matter what changes, even time can't erase us.
It's crazy and yet beautiful,
No matter how far away I go,
I'll carry you from this life onto the next,
Like you're the best thing that hasn't happened to me yet.
If things were more simple, I'd give you a call.
But I know better, I know the way we are.
One word leads to a kiss that leads to so much more.
Then we start the whole cycle over.
I can't have a living memory.
I'd rather just live inside of my dreams.
No one gets hurt, the world keeps spinning,
Plus I'm free to express these feelings.
But writing it on paper or just in thought;
I will love you until there's nothing left to love.

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