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Don't Sweat Babe, It's Just Guy Stuff

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Girls always seem to worry about the stuff guys do. Big, or little. It's like they find new things to worry about, for no reason at all. There are some things you do have to worry about, but the rest is just guy stuff. To put your mind at ease, we're taking a look at some of the most common things that upset women about their men. In part one of this two-part series, we're going to look at the normal things guys do, like yelling at the TV and being weird.

Acting Weird Around Their Male Friends

Guys have a secret language and it really shows when they're hanging out. They act completely immature and it often borders inappropriate. They may say or do things that come across as rude or impolite. They may be outright silly and act like big children. When it comes to the conversations they have, it's quite the opposite. When guys are together, they talk about everything. There are no boundaries. It may be disgusting or just awkward. If it bothers you, just leave. Let your man hang out with his buddies and hightail out of there. If you don't want him talking about you (or the private things the two of you do), make sure you tell him that privately. Don't bring it up in front of his buddies or they will just keep talking about it.

Shouting At The Television

This is common during the sporting seasons. Men shout at the television, often sounding angry and ready to break the furniture. This is nothing to worry about unless he starts throwing things around. Men get really passionate about sporting events. In fact, they tend to forget reality for a while. This means your man might not even know he's at home in the living room. He may forget you're around. He may say things or do things that he wouldn't do normally. A sporting event is a stressful and exciting event for most guys. If you don't want to be around it, leave the room or the house. Go out for a while and come back when it's over. He might be bummed about a losing team, but he'll be over the anger part.

Lost In His Own World

You may feel like he's giving you the silent treatment or that he's upset about something. Sometimes, he's just off in his own head. Guys tend to do this, especially when they are stressed out about something. If he's having trouble at work, he's likely zoning out. He's likely trying to figure out a solution, how to fix the problems he has. If you think there might be trouble in the relationship, ask him about it. Never assume how he's feeling. Men are just as complicated as women. Although they don't verbalize their feelings the same way, they have the ability to feel all the same things. When he's lost in his own world, he might not even be able to vocalize what's wrong. Sometimes, it's nothing more than being lost in space.

Of course, if your boyfriend is doing something you've asked him not to or something that blatantly offends you, it's time to sit him down. You want to do this when the two of you are alone, not while there is company. If you try to talk to him in front of people, you will belittle him and it will embarrass him. While you might not care if he's embarrassing you, it will cause him to go into defensive mode. This means you'll have an impossible time talking to him about anything. Gentle is better because it's important that you express what's on your mind.

As a woman: You may not agree with the next points. There are some people who are simply uncomfortable and it has nothing to do with jealousy, insecurities or trust. If you are one of those people, don't read on.

Looking At Revealing Images/Video (Esp On Instagram)

All guys do this, even if they make a secret account just to follow those accounts. Or they have secret Tumblrs, where they only follow those blogs. Guys naturally love looking at undressed women. It's just a guy thing. It doesn't mean your man doesn't find you attractive. It doesn't mean you've got to worry about him with someone else. Whether it's a natural curiosity or the availability of the images, all guys tend to browse. If it's really something that bothers you, sit him down. Tell him why. If you're just feeling insecure, tell him that's why you don't like it. Don't be cryptic, be blunt. Be honest. But, be reasonable. They are just pictures/videos, after all. Behind the screen is so impersonal, don't sweat it.

Following Women On Social Media

Almost every girl has found out her boyfriend is following a female friend/coworker/ex on social media. The immediate reaction you likely had was to get upset or feel jealous. You wonder if maybe your man is in contact with that ex, or having private conversations with that coworker.  So you head over to those social media pages and browse the pictures. You see that your man has liked pictures of those girls out at the bar, or showing off skin in bathroom selfies. Sometimes, it's just them being polite. Offering approval by clicking a like button without even looking. Your guy might even comment “looking good” on one of those selfies. That doesn't mean you need to start worrying. You're still the one he wants to be with.

Checking Out Other Girls

Whether he makes a comment out loud or you just catch him staring, it's perfectly natural. Men will always check out someone they find attractive. Although it might make you feel uncomfortable, you have to remember all they are doing is looking. You might politely remind him that you don't like when he does it in front of you. However, don't say things like “but she's ugly” or “she has a flat ass”. By insulting someone your man looks at, you're saying he has bad taste. He's likely to get defensive and say you're only jealous. He may turn it around and try to tease you in return, which will only make you feel worse about yourself.

These points are tough situations for most women coming to terms with themselves. It might be especially hard to look the other way when you're just starting out in a relationship. You will instinctively be jealous that your man is looking at other women. Whether it's clothed and in person or undressed online.

There are two reasons to feel jealous: You're insecure or you don't trust your man. If you don't trust your man, that says a lot about your relationship. If you're insecure and feel like you're not good enough, TELL HIM THAT. Don't expect him to figure out why it bothers you that he talks to other girls, or why you don't like him watching/browsing that type of stuff. Don't let your own insecurities become such a problem that they ruin the relationship. Be open and honest about the way you're feeling – no matter what. This will help the two of you to build a stronger relationship, while also getting to the root of the problems you have.


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