Gypsy Heart

I've got the heart of a gypsy.
Sometimes, the wind blows right through me.
Inside this invisible force,
I hear the distinct words:
"It's time to move on, my friend.
Your time in this place has come to an end."
I always know what it means:
It's time to start fresh, somewhere unseen.
It's time to find a different land.
Someplace that I've never been.
But literally, this advice isn't taken.
It doesn't matter which city I'm in.
The force guides me to make a change.
To push aside what does not feel strange.
To move towards the unknown horizon.
These changes are made towards who I am.
On the inside, more or less.
Sometimes, changing the way I dress.
Or the way I wear my hair.
But mostly, how I handle fear.
How I choose to view this life.
What I will and do not like.
When I feel the wind in my heart,
I put my personality on restart.
I build from the basic foundation
Creating a new version of who I am.
With the old, I leave the ashes
To float around through different paths.
If I'm stagnant for too long,
The winds start blowing really strong.
Howling loudly through the trees.
Like it's saying "pay attention, please."
I always listen, eventually.
I like becoming a new version of me.
I like the change, inside and out.
Even if sometimes, there is a cloud
Above my head that tries to ruin
Everything I want to be doing.
I never let that cloud win.
I never ignore the calling of the wind.
I blindly follow each new start.
I'm happy with my gypsy heart.
Gypsy Heart Gypsy Heart Reviewed by Ali Larsen on September 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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