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How To Properly Interpret Your Dreams - Part 2

We posted part one of this article earlier, talking about what to look for and the importance of keeping a dream journal. Now, we're going to tackle the most common symbolism inside our dreams, as well as what our dreams might be trying to tell us. If you feel like your dream message is loud and clear - trust that instinct. If you're unsure or don't understand, then keep reading to get a better idea.

Our dreams are often a message that fits into one of the following categories:

A sign of the future - This means your dream is telling you that something or someone is about to come into your life. These are sometimes literal interpretations. Other times, these are metaphorical and take a bit of work to analyze.
A warning - This means something bad is about to happen. It could be a person, place, or even object. You need to be careful with any upcoming decisions you might have to make. You need to guard yourself. Use the context of your dream to figure out what action to take next.
Factual happenings - These are dreams that are expressing things that have happened or things that are planned to happen. This will likely be literal memories or how you'd like certain events to play out.
Literal interpretations - This means the dream doesn't require much interpretation. What you saw in the dream or felt is exactly how things are.
Inspirational messages - These are dreams meant to inspire your soul. Whether it's pulling you out of a negative headspace or giving you an idea for your next masterpiece. You will find something in this dream that you can use to better yourself.
Fulfillment of a wish - These dreams give you a glimpse at something you want. In these dreams, anything you can't have for yourself is there. Whether it's your dream car, or someone you wish you could spend time with. Some or all of your wishes will be granted.
Making up for something - These dreams are compensations, making up for something you don't have. They are similar to wish fulfillment dreams but differ in tone/theme. Here, you are likely to experience a more negative view of the things you want, but don't have.
A reconciliation of the past - These dreams are most common when you are dealing with loss. They can help you to find closure in the end of something, even death. This may involve a deceased person coming to you to express joy/gratitude. With these dreams, you are likely to find peace about whatever has come to an end.

The most common symbolism in dreams is:

Rising - Climbing a ladder means working towards acheivments, flying means soaring over hardships, etc
Falling - Falling down an open space is a sign of anxiety towards a situation, being buried alive usually means you are overwhelmed by the tasks you have ahead of you
Running/being chased - Running means you're trying to get away from something/someone, being chased likely means you feel trapped by your life and don't feel like you can find an escape
Health - Dreaming of health issues means you need a check-up at the doctor
Any dirty object - Finding/seeing a dirty object often means obstacles are coming your way (if you find a clean/shiny object, it means the opposite)
Cheating - Dreams of a spouse (current/past) cheating is often a sign that there are trust issues in the relationship (not that they are literally cheating)

If any of your dreams are negative, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Anxiety dreams and nightmares can often be uplifting if you recognize their symbolism. For instance, if you have a dream you're running away from your spouse, that might mean it's time to end the relationship and move on. You are clearly feeling held back by the relationship and it's time to spread your wings. If you dream of the opposite, it could mean it's time to get more serious and take the relationship to the next level. If you dream about getting a job, but don't get it in real life, there's a chance a new opportunity is around the corner for you.

Although we can be overwhelmed by our dreams, knowing what they mean can help us to truly understand their messages.

If anything about the dream is foggy when you wake up, let it go. Don't try and focus on fleeting thoughts. Always make sure to log down what you can remember vividly. The details that stick with us are often the more important details.

Also, don't feel bad if you miss a day or two. Try to keep your journal updated regularly, especially if you know something big is around the corner. But we all miss a day here and there. It's not a big deal. If you overthink it too much, your anxiety will end up taking over your dreams and give you inaccurate readings anyway. The best way to avoid anxiety taking over is to meditate before bed. By meditating before you sleep, you are clearing your mind of daily troubles. This will help you to let go and focus on being able to receive the messages from your subconscious mind.