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How To Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

Many people believe that “treating yourself” involves a lot of spending. A new manicure, pedicure, hairdo or something else along the lines of spa-type refreshments. Yes, these are good ways to get yourself out of the dumps. Each is effective in helping you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the outside world. When you look good on the outside, you tend to feel better about yourself on the inside. This can be a real self-esteem booster.

But when you're broke, the spa treatment just isn't logical. You can't afford to spend excessive money on yourself. You have to pay the bills, buy food. There are too many things to worry about!

The good news is: There are alternatives. You can treat yourself without spending a fortune.

Do something you enjoy that you haven't done in a while. It could be going to your favorite place to read your favorite book. It could be knitting a scarf for your canine friend. There are many activities we enjoy doing that we tend to forget about when everything is chaotic around us. Getting back in touch with those hobbies is a great way to feel like you did something special for yourself.

Soak in the tub. There is no cure for stress quite like bathing. Bring in your favorite music to unwind, or download a white noise application on your phone. Light some candles. Maybe even have a glass of wine. Enhance your bathroom with scented bath salts and just let the stress of life fade into the background. If you're prone to forgetfulness, bring an alarm clock too. You don't want to get pruned up because you lost track of time.

Prepare a home cooked meal. This one does require spending a bit of money, especially if you're missing ingredients. Or you can download an application for your phone that can create recipes out of the ingredients you have. This way, you can make yourself a nice meal without having to spend a dime. Eating well is important to staying mentally and physically healthy. When you're eating on-the-go and often grabbing fast food, you're letting your health drop. You're giving into the stress of your lifestyle. By taking the time to prepare a real meal every once in a while, you'll be spoiling your taste buds.
Go out for a walk. You can invite a few friends for a walk around the local sights. You can go out and enjoy them yourself. You can sit at a local park and watch the dogs running after squirrels. Whatever you want! Enjoy the silence, sounds of nature, or bring along your headphones and tune out.

It doesn't take money to have a good time. The little things really do count at the end of the day. All you need to do is remind yourself to relax, to enjoy the moments. Self-care is all about setting aside time to get in touch with your inner self. Once you've got enough practice in tuning out the world around you, it's much easier to treat yourself. Quiet moments will feel like a treat. Eating out with friends will feel like a luxury. Any time you are practicing self-care, you are treating yourself to a more productive lifestyle. That's the ultimate reward and it's something money can't buy.


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