Tuesday, September 19, 2017


You've always looked at life through a lens.
When things weren't perfect, you would just pretend.
You'd hide behind your camera and
Let things happen all around you.
Only stopping to change to a different film.
I always wondered "what's up with him?".
It felt like you didn't pay any attention
To anything as it would happen.
Instead, you were always in your own head,
Like nothing around you even mattered.
A part of my admired that about you.
Through the lens, you only saw the brighter view.
You always seemed so care-free.
You always seemed so happy.
It was strange to see that in someone.
It's not like this world is a great one.

But something seemed to have changed,
Somewhere down memory lane.
You stopped looking at the pictures and
Somehow you just grew bitter.
The person you are today
Has nothing in common with who you used to be.
I wonder if you'd even recognize yourself
Or if you'd mistake him for someone else.
Someone sweet and a bit naive,
Always looking on the other side grief.
A young boy, getting to see the world.
I can't help but wonder what was the turn?
What turned you into this cold cynic?
Was there even a real catalyst?
Was is a progression, or did you wake up this way?
Can it be reversed if it was never meant to be?

I don't know if there's hope,
Going back in time never seems to work.
Those who understand more about you,
Adapted when you changed your view.
But those who lost touch, even just briefly,
Wonder what happened in the absence of greetings.
I know that deep down, all I want to see,
Is the way your eyes lit up when you were happy.

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