Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Life Is A Masquerade

It's easy to try and be something we aren't.
It's far more difficult to try and be ourselves.
Our true selves, not just the ones
That we put on for appearances.
The persona we wear from day-to-day,
Going to work, never choosing to complain.
Faking conversation with people we can't stand
Because we're told that's the way it is.
That persona pretends to never feel a drought,
To have everything together without a single doubt.
We all portray this person outside,
But it isn't who we are inside.
We are all different people when we're home,
Sitting on the couch, not expecting anyone.
When we're in our "natural habitat",
We are expressing our true selves.
Whether it's negative or positive,
There is always some kind of difference.
This is a masquerade called "life".
We're all dressed up and reciting lines.
We're all looking for answers in the dark
Before the next performances start.
Hoping to get away from the rat race and
Find a place with nothing but peace.
This is the human condition,
Though none of us are very thrilled.
We go through each day,
Simply hoping the next will change.
But the definition of insanity
Is doing the same thing again and again
Hoping for a different result,
Without taking responsibility for the faults.
When you truly accept you're to blame
It's easier to change the scene.
To step outside the programmed thoughts
To understand that you're the boss.
Happiness is your own to take.
You don't have to be strong or be quick.
Take your time to find out who you are
Behind the mask of the world.
Your true self and your true desires.
Then, you can set the world on fire.

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