To the loyal and FABULOUS followers of this blog:

I want to personally thank you for your continuous support of my creative & personal endeavors. I wish I knew who all of you were, but alas, some of you are merely numbers I cannot reach out to. Others are devoted friends who I share stories and memories with. I know my mother (*waves* Hi mommy!) is one of the people who checks this site almost every day to see if anything new has popped up. There are others who do the same. Every time I make a post, I see the views shoot up and I know that you are looking. It makes me feel a sense of purpose to even come here at all. You all know that it's hard sometimes to feel like there's a reason for going on. In those dark times: You are my reason. You keep me hanging on. I may not provide insight to/for you. Visiting my blog might be something you only bother doing when you're bored. But you come. You make an appearance. You are the reason I am still here, still trying and fighting to give this whole concept a purpose.

That said, the mailing list has been retired. Anyone still wanting to claim their FREE copy of "Three Tales of Not Quite Romance" can do so by [contacting me].

I felt the list was impersonal (not to mention a bit of a failure). I don't like thinking about who doesn't visit. People that call themselves friends, but never bothered to stop by or check-in. These people need to become nameless. Faceless. I don't want to see eyes that are always looking past me. I want to see the people who want to see me. I want to talk to and communicate with the people who want to be my friend. I am tired of chasing shadows of people I used to know.

You guys are awesome, seriously. This isn't some retirement speech. I'm not saying I'm going to try harder to post more. I'll still be over here doing me. I just wanted to reach out and let each of you know how much you mean to me.

(P.S.: Wouldn't hurt to know who some of you are... just saying... the comment form below allows anonymous posters...)
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