My fortune said the lights would guide me home
But it's empty and I don't want to go alone.
If I called you tonight, would you even answer me
Or would you let the call go straight to the machine?
I know it's been a long time since we sat together
But I still think of you more than any other.
If I had one wish, you'd be here with me.
I'd see you more often than when I'm asleep.
You're a gem, more precious then any other.
I wish I could get my own shit together.
I hope you know I'm still thinking of you
Even after everything we put eachother through
We're no good for eachother and we both know it's true
But we're even worse the longer we deny the truth
Whether good or bad, we're in this together
This romance will last the span of forever.
I'd say that I mind and I have in the past
But I actually love knowing this will last.
You're one of the only constants I've had in my life.
You're still the substance that makes me feel most alive.
When the world ends and the screen fades to black,
Insanity will prevail until the very end.
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