Printable Calendar

by - 2/17/2018 06:54:00 PM

We all know I've been on a kick for organizing, especially when it comes to saving things from Pinterest. But, it's hard to find a calendar that I like that's also blank. I made myself a cute one with a bunch of pictures and then made the same one blank. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else has a similar problem!

Now, before anyone asks, the space at the top of the page is actually to encourage doodling or writing. I mean, what better place to put a brain dump than right there on your calendar?

This is JUST the beginning of the personalized organizers I'm putting together. Make sure you follow this blog (or at least check back on occasion) to get them all! It's like Pokemon, but I guess not as cool. Unless you're WAY into planning, then it's totally up your alley.

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