Free P!ATD Planner Stickers

by - 3/22/2018 11:00:00 AM

I am WAY into planner stickers and I know most of you are as well. But, like most of you, I'm not fond of spending a million dollars on them. So I decided to make some for myself. I thought about what kind of planner stickers are missing from the world of planner stickers. I found that there are few band-related sets. So, I decided I was going to focus on filling that gap before wandering into themes and colors and whatnot.

Behold; Panic! At The Disco Planner Stickers

I choose to go with the semi-original line up because I favor the red & gold theme of "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". Not to mention, this was my introduction to Panic! At The Disco and is still my favorite album. A bit overplayed if you ask me since I'm already on my second copy of the disc and I mostly listen to it on my computer.

I also have a notebook that is red with gold accents with random black pages in the middle section. I adore it. They come in blue, green, and brown as well. I only bought the red one because it was my personal favorite.

I haven't used these stickers myself yet, but I am excited about their creation!

Now, there is some legal jargon to quickly go through:

These are free to save/print/share, whatever. Of course, they are not free to sell. These images are all copyright to the holders and I take no claim on any of it. I simply modified existing images to get a look I wanted. Aside from the photos themselves, all graphics are taken from a free-to-use website.

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