Printable Weekly Planner ALT

by - 4/12/2018 07:09:00 PM

I shared a weekly planner not that long ago. I've decided to share a similar alternative.

This one is designed with a similar tracking space but also includes two different weekly planners. This allows for more customization and the ability to get the most out of your planning experience. There's no brain dump section in this one, but there's enough space in the additional weekly planner to write down random thoughts you might have. This version also reduces the weekly goals section, so you can comfortably feel accomplished and stay within a reasonable amount of goals per week.

As you can see, there's an additional area for appointments, similar to the last planner. You may also notice there is a small box inside the bigger boxes for the additional weekly planner and no tracking icons.

This version of the planner allows you to choose your own trackers, whether they are stickers or personal drawings. This way, you can track what matters the most to you, since it's different for everyone.

Additionally, the small boxes on each day can be used many different ways:

  • The overall mood of the day (either draw/use a sticker to show the emotion, write one word, rate your day)
  • A simple gratitude expression (one word)
  • A counter for how many tasks you accomplish each day
  • A counter for how many steps you took towards any particular goal
  • A counter for how many enjoyable things you've done on any given day
I can't think of many others, but the options are virtually endless. Unfortunately, my imagination doesn't share that same quality! I hope you will be able to think of a wide variety of uses for this particular planner.

Happy planning!

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