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I live my life as if I'm severe
I need intensive care
You must think I'm an extreme
And now your staggering is on repeat.

You're right, I'm an extreme
Wretched and incomplete
But I don't like your omissions
Why can't you just be real with me?
I got more doomed and lost my sweet.
But I'm not the one stuck on repeat.

I just wanna be part of your flaws.
It was almost comprehensive
Then times together got extensive
I'm way too good at detailing
You're counteroffensive
I don't like your dysfunctions
I love everything about them.
I'm developing a new set of frailties.
And now your struggling is on repeat.

To dance to the same beat.
You're the gone one,
And I'm dancing because you're overdone.
You must think I'm a vulnerability
I just wanna be part of your flaws.
I'm still dancing all alone.

You ain't ever gonna be undone.
Learn to understand this song.
Everyone is hideous sometimes.
I'n developing new relapses.
Relapse us.
You've got me feeling desperate.
Na na na na desperate.

You must think I'm dramatic
Your words cut deeper than your derangement
And I'm dancing because you're being cinematic
But I've tried remedying the script.
I've tried to make this a love song.
I just wanna be part of your flaws.
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