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My Mother's Runes

My mother went out to Art Crawl last night to showcase her Runestones and yoga-mandala coloring books. I didn't go this time because I had too long of a queue. As it was I went til 9 or 10 before my hands cramped so badly I couldn't move them. So, she went alone. She has a really professional set up for, with a banner and everything. It was quite impressive. She spent the whole week planning too. She was prepared physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, she didn't do as well as I thought she would. I thought the Runestones would sell quickly to the masses who are looking towards enlightenment tools and getting in touch with nature. Runestones are the ideal divination tool. They come from nature, fallen trees to be exact. Trees are thanked for their offering. They are hand cut and sanded to smooth edges. Then painted with good vibes poured in. The last step is a shellac that makes them look Shiney and keeps them safe from the outside world.

They are stunning. They are practical. They are timeless. I don't understand why nor people aren't interested in owning a set for themselves. 

So I'm going to promote these mindfulness tools to anyone in Southern Ontario who might be interested. Anyone up North on the Greater Sudbury Area who is interested can contact me as well. Obviously, since it's our hometown, we can make arrangements to get sets up there as well. 

You can check them out here. 


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