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The Best Apps for Staying On Track

Because I recently got a new phone will almost endless space, I was finally able to download all the productivity apps I've heard about in the past. I've had the ability to play around with a few of them and get a feel for which ones work the best. Now that I've been able to do that, I want to share those apps with you!

These apps have multiple uses. You can use them if you're studying, working on your own blog, or even having a panic attack. They are aimed at focusing and tuning out the rest of the world.

My first recommendation is Coffivity. This is a soundtrack application. It's primarily for writers and can create coffee shop chatter and the like. I've always used the web-based version, but now I finally get to take the app on the go! Unfortunately, there are only a few sound options at the moment.

Another great soundtrack option is an app called "Mood". It lets you choose different sound options to create a unique environment. You can opt for camping sounds, like fire burning and birds chirping, even adding in a guitar. Or you can go for a rainy city day (like I would). This is another app that's helpful for writers because it allows you to submerge yourself into another time and place. But it's great for panic attacks as well. I've listened to the soothing sounds of the ocean to help ground myself in the past.

Another great sound app is "Sounds for Studying" which makes use of meditation music and works offline. That's an important feature because it means you can use it anywhere you need to, even without wifi or data. Offline, you're limited to only a handful of sounds, but online, you have access to a vast library of studying sounds.

(If you know of a great offline sound application, please comment below! I and my readers would appreciate the recommendation.)

Next, I'm going to recommend Forest. I've recommended this app before because it's highly effective in preventing you from picking up your phone. It's the app that grows a tree on your phone. Nothing particularly special. But the tree does die if you touch your phone before it's finished. You have to let it bloom. I believe you set a timer for your long you need to stay off your phone. It's a helpful app for students and it's an overall great way to start focused.

Alternatively, I recommend setting up an alarm or timer on your phone to make sure you are doing what you be to be doing for the right amount of time.

My last recommendation is for writers only (sorry). It's called "Writer Tools" and it's amazing. I have used many writing apps in my time, all promising to help me stay organized and on track. But I've never found them helpful. This app has a variety of categories that can help you sort your ideas, plot lines, and characters. It even has a character builder so you can write down everything you need to know about your characters. If you're not good at coming up with original ideas, I did find the app "Writing Prompts and Exercises" to be a helpful generator.

Now there are probably dozens of apps out there. If you have recommendations, please share them! If you've tried any of the apps above, please share your experience. And remember, just because it works for me, doesn't mean it'll work for you. Everything is a personal experience.


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