The Same Song

If good things come to those who wait,
Then I must be expecting something great.
I've sat quietly, stayed out of sight,
In the hopes that you would just live your life.
Free of the burden that is me,
But that's not your intent, so it would seem.
The biggest distance can't create
A gap between us, this is fate.
The Universe is testing the two of us
To see who breaks the silence.
I'd accuse myself of wishful thinking,
Looking for what I want to see.
I'm often discarding reality,
But I get the feeling it's not just me.
I feel your presence, in heart and soul.
Though I hoped you'd forgotten me long ago.
When you randomly pop into my mind,
I know that I'll never leave this behind.
This goes deeper than having closure.
It has nothing to do with any exposure.
The seeds that we planted together
When we first met each other
Continued to grow, even when abandoned.
Like they knew something we didn't.
If I could erase you from memory,
I would do so happily.
If it meant you forgot me too.
I wouldn't just want to forget about you.
But if we could forget each other,
Maybe our lives would be even better.
Maybe we'd finally move on,
Putting an end to this overplayed song.
But the chorus gets stuck on repeat.
I guess it just has a catchy beat.
Or maybe it's more than that.
Maybe it's more than I understand.
I know how hopeless this all feels,
I don't understand how it reappears.
Just when I think I've got it under control,
You're back in my head, stealing the show.
I wish more than anything,
That I understood what it means.
We're not destined to be together.
We can't even be around each other.
So what is the purpose of holding on?
What is with this annoying song?
Why does it pop back into my head
Whenever it wants, with no rhyme or reason?
More importantly, I have to ask:
Why are you singing along with it?

The Same Song The Same Song Reviewed by Ali Larsen on August 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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