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Finding My Blog Purpose

I've been doing a lot of research on how to develop a blog that people will love. This isn't an easy process for 2 reasons:

1. There is a lot of information out there.
2. Nothing "successful" feels genuine to me.

That said, I did decide to follow along, pretending I had no real ideas regarding what I wanted to do. I wrote up a quick little "blog purpose" outline. This is a suggestion made by any and every blogger who had ever been committed to running a website. They all say you have to know your audience and you have to have something to offer said audience.

I don't know what I have to offer, never have. But, there's also a chance I'll never really know what I'm offering others. I just have to try, right? So, with that message in the back of my head, this was the rough sketch I put together about my blog purpose (which I'm sharing with you for feedback and to let you be a part of the adventure):

My passion / my goal: Helping people
Narrowed: Helping people to better understand themselves
Who is my ideal audience: Individuals with mental illnesses
How I am going to help them: Through art and writing

Therefore, my ideal blog purpose would be:

"Helping individuals with mental illness to better understand themselves and work towards healing through art and writing"

My sketch pad jokes about "Better Living Industries". While I was jotting all of this down, that's what came to my mind. This is just a random anecdote.

I've always wanted to help people and inspire people to take up creative hobbies. I have never been sure where to start and how either of them could intertwine. I'm often overwhelmed by the idea that someone might look to me for advice or help or even just an ear. I'm not the most reliable person in the word. Hell, I can't even reply to my text messages. I just leave them sit there, unread and mocking me. I had to clear out my email inbox yesterday and there were over 20 messages I hadn't read. That doesn't sound dramatic when I know some people have 100's (my sister is one of those people). But, the old me would have been anal enough to clear out my inbox once a day, at least. What changed? Nothing. All of those emails contained advice on how to build the best blog. I left them there until I could take notes.

The good news is that I finally dragged up enough energy to do that. Why? I'm planning a round-up post! Yes, I'm going to share bits and pieces of advice from the bloggers I follow (with links back to their websites, where you can download freebies and whatnot). Now, I need to drag up the energy for the round-up post, so don't sit with your fingers crossed waiting.

Although I want this website to be more professional and combine elements of "success", there is a reality I have to face: I'm not a professional. The only profession I have is train wreck, which supports my lack of stability and reliability. But, with the disaster that is me comes a passionate flame. If this website can fuel that flame, who knows where I'll go from here!

I hope you're coming along on the journey!