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How To Measure Success

I'm not a fraud I'm an artist

Whenever I write something with the intention of putting it online, I feel a bit like a fraud. I always feel like I'm trying too hard, either to get traffic to my website or connect with people. This is really noticeable to me when I'm working on articles. The typical format is a title that sounds like click bait. Every article on the internet is supposed to solve something for someone. It's "how to" this and "the secrets of" that. I just want to share stuff with people. I don't want to think about the formula. The right or wrongness of every single thing I post anywhere. I want to attract people to me, my site, products and services, by just being myself. But if I told anyone in my field this, they would laugh. "No author gets book sales by being friendly." "No blogger makes money without a sales funnel." "No freelancer gets hired without a flawless portfolio." Sure, that's all true to a degree. But on a small scale, I've accomplished all of these things. I didn't push myself. I didn't market. I genuinely interacted and I just wrote whatever I wanted. Is it really a pipe dream to want authentic success, or am I just shooting for the stars? One is nothing more than a dream, while the other is an improbable reality. It's not impossible - it just depends on your definition of success.

For me, success is helping people. That could be by writing for someone else or it could happen from encouraging people on Instagram. I don't know if I will ever see millions of dollars. I'm not going to be the next J. K. Rowling. There's only one, the same way there is only one Hemingway and only one Poe. Writing, like any form of art, loses some of its beauty and meaning when you start comparing it to something else. In that same way, each person is a work of art, unique to themselves. There's no sense comparing anyone or anything.

So success is only measured by people who put value on what it means to be successful by their own definition. In my own definition, I'm a success every day I'm still alive. I don't have to accomplish something every day. I don't have to be something (no one does). If I'm going to decide I want to be successful, I'm going to redefine what that means to me. I'm not jumping through the hoops of an ever-changing market.

I'm not a fraud, I'm an artist.


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