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Computer Crazy

So, this is my day...😂 

I got cocky, always talking about how fantastic my laptop is. Yesterday, what started as my video player not responding turned into an operating system error. Nothing would respond. Every time the computer was turned on, everything crashed right away. I tried to look up the answer online. Everywhere said there was likely not enough space on the computer. Okay. That makes sense. Too much clutter and the system can't run. Right on. I got this. I spent all of yesterday removing everything from the computer that didn't need to be there. It took over 6 hours. Of course it did. This morning, I'm excited to turn in my computer and see everything in working condition, since all that space is free now. No such luck. Everything is still unresponsive and I can't access any windows files.

Maybe I got a virus?

Now my system is resetting. I'm so grateful I still have the installation disks. That makes my life so much easier. And it's not my poor computers fault. I was trying to do too much and the system is just, dusty. I've been thinking about a clean start for a while, hoping everything would run that much better. There were many programs in the computer that I couldn't uninstall. Now, there will be nothing.

I'm also incredibly grateful for Google Drive, which backs up all my personal files on a daily basis. Without access to this amazing service, who knows what I would have lost?!?

No this post is not sponsored by Google, I don't have nearly enough of a readership to be worrying sponsored posts. Plus, I'd tell you, because I'm thoughtful like that. I genuinely think everyone should use a system like Google drive to back up their important files. We often take for granted how much of our lives and experiences are stored on our computers. Every photo. Every blog posts. Every draft of a business card that's still not finished. There are SO MANY THINGS. It's really worth a couple dollars a month to have that peace of mind. I can't imagine how bad my anxiety would be at night if I had to think about my computer crashing.

On the down side, I had planned to post some journaling cards I made. But I can't do that from my cellphone and right now, that's what I've got.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved after the installation and I can share those cards with you!


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