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Rambling With A Side Of FREEBIE

Freebies, journaling cards

I'm not going to let my lack of a working laptop prevent me from EVERYTHING I want to be doing. I have Canva on my phone and Pinterest at my fingertips. I have access to endless ideas and inspiration. I even have access to a boost of motivation via the writing community of Twitter. Twitter is the social platform I find the easiest to work in. Mostly because I'm a writer, right? I do text things, not photos. Instagram isn't my idea of a good time. It just makes me feel shitty about all the things I'm not doing and makes me feel sorry for the people who feel the need to make other people feel that way. There's no balance on Instagram. It's either drama or fake, and often both. I stay away from there, even if I'm missing a golden marketing opportunity. Pinterest is the way to go because it eliminates the social aspect of social media, while still providing all the networking and sharing benefits. Anyone on Pinterest can get love, as long as they're active.

I wish I could say I have a fire in my soul or something that pushes me to create, but we all know that would be nothing more than nonsense, like meditation can heal your woes and soothing music can silence the voices. I've got a whole past swirling in my head about that subject in particular. It involves mental illness, meditation, self help, journaling, yoga and anything else that's become a "hip" topic of discussion.

I don't subscribe to nonsense, is the moral of it all.

I've had depression my whole life. You want to know the real way to cope? Embrace it. Let your bad days pass, knowing they will. Celebrate your good days. But don't hold yourself to any ridiculous standards. Don't believe that setting a routine for yourself is going to fix anything. You can never escape depression. The more you try, the more you fail, the harder you feel it. The worse you feel about yourself. Then you get stuck in this rut of hating yourself, but wanting to love yourself. I want to avoid that at all costs. I feel great about having no self-esteem. I know that's pretty messed up, but in the past years, all I've learned was this:

Just because it works for someone else, doesn't mean it's going to work for you.

But that's a little off subject. Since I can't sit down and organize my thoughts on a computer, I can't really follow a train of thought. I can't move text around in this app without a boat load of stress. Ack.

But I didn't come here to complain. As the entry started, I'm not letting this whole thing ruin my plans. So I've got FREEBIES. That's right. Freebies. I made a few journaling cards using Canva. These aren't sized for any particular journal or planner. I don't have a planner. I can't commit to that kind of thing. I use composition books from dollar stores. I fill them with stickers and random thoughts. I print off planner stickers, cut them up and glue them into the books. That's how I plan. That's how I journal. That's how I roll.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you:

Journaling cards


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