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Character development worksheet

I was a big fan of MySpace. I met some of my best friends in the early days of the space. That's what we used to call it... Okay, no one called it that. I'm just kidding. The point is, I loved it. Along with great friends, I found some of my favorite bands through marketing. Like most other people, it broke my heart when it closed. I thought it was amazing. I know, most of the population fled to Facebook. But I've never been a fan of Facebook. That's the reason I don't have an Instagram, too. When Instagram was bought, I knew that Facebook would likely ruin the concept. Trust me, I only saw crap on my Instagram. And the nudity rules just confused the bubbles out of me.

There is a point to this story...

I was recently thinking about a character development sheet. I need one to throughout develop my characters. I know other people use these templates too. There are dozens out there when you search for character development worksheets. But if I'm not inspired by the layout, I'm not likely to use the template. Then I started thinking about the MySpace layout and everything it had to offer, from your favorite song on a music player to the MVPs of your life and even a status update and blog posts. It took a bit of work to find every element I wanted. No profile was complete with every section I needed. But, I put the effort in. The result?

See for yourself...

Character development sheet
Click here to download the PSD with editable text!

Additionally, I created this PNG version that you can just add text to. This is better if you want to print the image before filling it out. I've also removed the photo markers so that you have more flexibility.

Character development sheet

It's not perfect, of course. My design skills are pretty bad. But I'm working on it. When I have an idea like this, I try to go for it and just accept the results. I think it turned out pretty good, actually.

I know how I plan on using this layout, but I encourage anyone who downloads this to get creative and a little bit crazy. Color in the background and add glitters if that's the type of character you're creating. Opt for plain and professional if your character is a stickler for the rules. Hell, you don't even have to use this for writing. You can create your own bio, put it in your Bujo or whatever you want. There are so many options!

I also encourage you to send me an email and show me what you do with the layout!


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