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I needed to share this video... I have many opinions on this generation of political correctness. But every thought I have tried creating ...

Skull Mood Tracker & BONUS Day Planner

Whenever you're searching for printable day planners and mood trackers, you're going to come across a pretty standard theme. This is because most people who are interested in journaling, planners, etc, are a specific type of person. You've got the trendy mom blogs with the floral designs and succulent printables. That works well for most people, but not everyone. Especially not me.

I'm a dark person by nature. Those who know me personally already know that. I figure there might be some people out there who want punk rock printables, right?

If you're one of them, you'll be thrilled to see today's freebies!

Skull Day Planner

Skull Mood Tracker or Habit Tracker


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