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Everyone says that keeping a gratitude journal is essential to a happy and healthy life. While I agree in principle, it's hard to actually do. One of the reasons I find it so overwhelming is because most gratitude lists are, just that: Lists. Lists are overwhelming, aren't they? A list just feels like a sort of lined prison cell. It's hard to want to commit to, often feeling like you're going to end up stuck.

So I decided to take it slow. In my planner, when I could maintain it, I wrote 1 thing a day. That wasn't too terrible. In fact, it was easy to find something to be grateful for every day. It was just one thing, after all. Now, I think I can start getting fancy and listing 3 things each day. As such, I wanted to create a little journaling card for that purpose.

But I wanted more, don't I always?

So I made the "list of 3" a versatile one, leaving the space blank to write in whatever you're counting in 3's. I hope this method will be helpful to you, as it was to me!

Top 3, printable journaling cards
Top 3, journaling card
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