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Crystal Ball

A big part of the inspiration for "Crystal Ball" comes from the "Ha Ha Oh No" YouTube channel. I've been wanting to write a short story that I could maybe submit to the channel. The problem is that I don't write short stories. When I have in the past, they are based in romance and typical conflicts of the average human. I don't do mystery, horror or sci-fi. I only write what I know, what I've lived. But, I know it's important for every artist to continually challenge themselves, so that's what I'm doing.

As you may know, one of the ways I try to keep creative is by drawing. I mentioned this in a previous post. So when I didn't know what image to use for the post, I decided to draw a crystal ball myself. I try to remember to take pictures dbt step of the way, but I don't always. I forgot to capture the outline, before I started coloring. Still, I thought devoted readers might be interested in seeing the stages that lead to completion. So, peep those below [OR NOT].

One of the things I like the most about drawing is how relaxing it is. I know that's strange to say. I know many artists who take their craft seriously. As a perfectionist myself, you would think I would too. But art, for me, is just a hobby. It's relaxing and stress free, sort of how most people see coloring. I find coloring to be tedious myself, but I can see the value in stress reduction. For me, random doodles are one of the easiest ways to relax. It is hard for me to unwind sometimes, and doodling just seems to take the edge off. I wish I had more energy, so I could spend more time doing it. Alas, I barely have the energy to get out of bed. If I couldn't write from my phone, I'd never write. But thanks to Note Everything (continuously providing a back up of all my writing and allowing me to customize the background color) and SwiftKey (which is SUCH an easy to use app) writing from my phone is not only possible, but enjoyable. It doesn't take the same strain as sitting down at my computer desk. It doesn't even require the same amount of focus. It's portable, which means it's adaptable.

I have to say, I really am grateful for the age of technology. I couldn't carry around a pen and paper to write with anymore, since my CTS has gotten so bad. I can't imagine carrying around my typewriter either. I remember having to press the keys so hard my fingers were sore after the first sentence. I didn't have strong enough fingers and sometimes, the keys were passed too lightly to make any impression on the paper. Ah, the old days.