Never Last

I wish I could leave you behind
Without you crawling back into my mind.
We've been here to many times
And I'm so sick of reciting lines.
You're like a habit I can't break,
A mistake I'm always willing to make.
I always give and you always take
And I just can't make the same mistake.
You flash that smile even when you're wrong
I've tried many times to just move on.
But I guess I'm just not that strong
You always keep me hanging on.
You're always just under my skin
I try to claw you out, but I never win.

I leave myself exposed and then
You work your way back in again.
But we'll never work, it's not our way.
We always argue more than we play.
And all of the hurtful things we'd say,
I just can't take another day.
I was patient, through the rise and fall,
I never called you out at all.
I can't count how many times I'd bawl
When I was waiting for your call.
I was nothing until I was gone,
Then you wanted to fix what's wrong.
But we can't go back, it's been too long.
We can't just skip to the next song.
There's so much pain from the past,
"Do you love me like that?" you ask.
You don't want the answer to that:
This relationship would never last.

Never Last Never Last Reviewed by Ali Larsen on January 29, 2020 Rating: 5

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