Keep Fighting

Here we are again, old friend.
A crown and the queen that eats it.
A legacy that can never die,
Yet everything defeats this.
How do we manage to overcome
Everything that's thrown our way?
How do we fight and fuck
And still, manage to stay?
What sorcery created this
Trainwreck we call a romance?
And when exactly does this spell
Plan on coming to an end?
It's been decades now
The world around us changes
But everything we've always been
Seems to stay the same.
It's like we exist in a different
Time, place, universe.
This is our greatest accomplishment,
But also our greatest curse.
We're such together like super glue
Attaches to the skin.
To pull apart would take too many
Pieces in the end.
The pain we feel to stay this way
Amplifies if we separate.
Although I don't always like us,
There's nothing I would change.
We're crazy and we're arrogant.
We're in love, but not young.
We've fought too many battles,
Yet we've always won.
I have more faith in you
Than I could have in anyone else.
While others find love in heaven
I found mind in hell.
Surrounded by a burning flame,
You stood out in my eyes.
I dreamt that when grew up,
I'd become your wife.
But true love is a pipe dream
You've taught me time and again.
It turns out that we'll be
Only friends in the end.
But that won't stop me fighting
For everything we are
I've loved you since that first day
And I'll love you forever after.
We're not a permanent fixture.
We're barely holding on.
But as long as we're alive,
I know that we'll keep fighting strong.
Keep Fighting Keep Fighting Reviewed by Ali Larsen on February 03, 2020 Rating: 5

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  1. Top Mark's, great stuff truly you can feel the emotion


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