Sunday, February 9, 2020

Living Memory

He came to get me just after 9. I had no idea where we were going, but when he stopped the car I recognized the club. We used to frequent it when we were younger. Back when we use to sneak out of his parents house. He made the correlation as we headed inside. He was always spontaneous like that. Last minute was his wheelhouse, and I just knew when to roll with the punches. After all, we had been friends for a long time. I was pretty use to him. Inside, we weaved through a collection of people dancing around like morons. I laughed, but I knew he intended for us to do the same thing. We ordered drinks and I headed up to the lounge. He followed close behind, mimicking the moves of a rather noticeable character on the floor. I don't hesitate to tell him how ridiculous he looks, but he laughs it off. I observe he hasn't aged at heart. But he hasn't aged at all. It's been 5 years, but it feels more like 5 minutes. That dorky smile I've always loved so much is wide as his eyes glue themselves to the floor. He is still hung up on the man he was mimicking. A man adorned in a suit and tie who looks like he got in the wrong taxi. But, he's making the best of his trip to Wonderland. He's chatting up some young blonde thing who has already drank enough to make a questionable decision. I cough, dropping my hands on the table so he'll look over. He does.
"What are we doing here?" I asked, slightly yelling over the music. He shrugs.
"I missed... " He starts, but trails off in the middle of his sentence. I shake my head and laugh.
"Alright." I agreed. I know what he was going to say. He didn't need to finish the thought. After all this time, I could still read him like a book. Large print edition. Life, responsibility, growing up, it all has him down. He felt the burn of nostalgia, and who better to share it with than a living memory? I knew it all too well having felt it myself. Sometimes, it's hard to see the point. But, that's just a part of growing up. I had learned to work around it, making this a typical Friday. The only difference, was him. But that made all the difference. That changed it from a typical Friday, into something else entirely. But admittedly something I wanted more.

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