i want you to be mine
but i'm afraid
of all the other times
we went our separate ways

i can't deny the way
my heart can still race
every single time i see
the smile on your face

it's almost like i'm 
addicted to this high
like i can't get enough
of you by my side

i know i always said
i'd follow you to hell
but i wrestle it daily
if you can't tell

i still tune in and
i know you see my name
watching you every time
you post anything

i can't help myself
i guess i like the pain
i keep myself in
when i hear your name

when i see your face
the feelings rush right through
i want to fight it all
including you

but i'm still in love,
although it's sad to say
i think i'll love you
until my dying day

i know you feel the same
your eyes can't lie
no matter how far you go
you're always mine

and i'm yours,
as i've said before
when it rains, it pours
mi amor

Jeg trenger deg,
og jeg glemmer årene
mellom nå og da
vi har vært fra hverandre

Likevel er du fortsatt
på tankene mine
24/7 og hver gang
jeg lukker mine øyne

i'll never forget this love
or forget you
I'll always remember
everything we've been through

i hope you do the same
that every time it rains
you think about the two of us
and feel that sudden pain

a loss, if you will
of someone you love
someone who thought
you would never be enough

i hope you look back
with tears in your eyes
with a heavy heart
letting out a heavy sigh

it's what i do
every time you catch my eye
because i know deep down
you were never mine

i said the devil made us
tied us together as a joke
we were once a nightmare
but i awoke

one day i hope that you
will do the exact same thing
and maybe on that day,
we'll be together once again.
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