The Perfect Girl

Keith Garvey ("Danny Toon")
I'm the kind of girl you've always wanted to wake up beside.
I am your dream girl coming to life.
You may not know you've been looking for me,
But it won't take you long to see
I'm everything you want and more
I'm a 10, the perfect score.
I can be a trophy wife,
Looking like I'm just a prize.
I can be one of the boys,
Watching sports and making noise.
I can be shy and cute and small
I can be anything at all.
Someone who blends into the background.
Or I can be loud and proud.
I can be whatever you want me to be
Without sacrificing anything.
I'm a sponge, I'm flexible.
I can get along with anyone.
The perfect girl to bring home to mom,
And the easiest to get along.
I don't need to work at all,
I truly am the perfect girl.
Open your eyes and you'll see it,
I'm as real as a girl can get.
I have flaws, of course I do.
Perfect is flexible too.
But what I lack in skills
I make up for in well.
What I lack in education,
I make up for with information.
I'm funny, maybe too sarcastic,
But I'll always keep you laughing.
There will always be a smile on your face
Because my goal is to please.
All you have to do to have me
Is show me that you really want me.
I don't need much, I'm not picky.
Just tell me that you love me.
Make me your one and only
And you'll be the one to hold me.
I come with bragging rights.
I'm never one to start a fight.
I believe in communication.
So what's keeping you waiting?
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